What is ReTech?
FinTech Industry is getting permeated into our society rapidly. The revolution of real estate continues after the financial revolution of any age. Retech (real estate technology), which is beginning to emerge next to the FinTech revolution, will change the future of real estate style.

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​Why Retech??

Retech Revolution

How will the real estate industry change? We will introduce new technologies that are beginning to be utilized.

◇ Real Estate + Fintech

Since the advent of the Internet, while IT has been progressing in various genres, only the real estate industry has become a business model based on analogue. Having received the recent trend of the FinTech revolution, the wave of digitization has also flowed into the real estate industry. In traditional server-managed Internet, the risk was too high to manage high-volume transactions such as real estate contracts on the net. With the advent of block chain, the security level has improved tremendously. It can be said that a foundation has been established that can finish high-volume transactions such as real estate on the net. In the RETECH project, we are designing a program to participate in real estate business with Bitcoin.


With the introduction of VR, it is now possible to conduct real estate inspections anywhere. Since overseas properties can be inspected and investigated, overseas real estate has become familiar. If the technology that reproduces the reality more realistically is VR, AR = augmented reality is a technique that shows what there is nothing. Utilizing AR makes it possible to give more sophisticated visual effects, such as showing the image of a building built on the ground. Evolution of Ritech is not just the merit of the user side. It brings great benefits to real estate agents as well. For example, it is no longer necessary to prepare a model house. In the case of VR space, it is possible to view many properties in less time or advertise in a wider area. It is possible to drastically reduce the preparation time and preparation cost before advertisement.

IMG 's RETECH project will utilize state-of-the-art Ritech technologies on site. In construction and renovation of real estate, cost reduction during preparation period, actively utilizing VR etc. in the propaganda of properties, introduction of bit coin payment with specialized application will make it easier to participate in real estate business, etc. We will build new business model.

◇ 2018 RETECH application will start!

Participate in overseas real estate business through dedicated application. Even if there is no professional knowledge such as real estate transactions and overseas laws, anyone can easily engage in overseas real estate business using the application. At the beginning of the service, we planned a private night business of Cuba and Dubai. In the future, you can participate in several real estate businesses overseas on the application simultaneously.




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